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Building a Medieval City | Jan Trubač

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Introducing Jan Trubac, an incredible artist, famous for winning Adobe/Allegorithmic’s Substance Insanity Award with his mind blowing Metropolitan City project. He has now teamed up with Levelup Digital to bring you a truly inspirational tutorial on how to create a Medieval City using nothing but Substance Designer.

With inspiration from real-life Google Maps data, he accurately and with impressive detail - as well as ingenious use of Substance Designer nodes, demonstrates how to replicate satellite data. Using the lessons he’s learned from his previous Metropolitan City project, Jan shares best practices and common pitfalls when tackling this type of project. 

In this tutorial, Jan shares his workflow for creating terrains and forests. For the city, he dives into how to use functions with basic logic to create wall and tower generators. You'll learn how to build various objects like trees, bushes, rocks, as well as how to approach more complex structures like towers and a cathedral. You will also learn how to keep your graphs optimized without hurting the visual quality of the output. This tutorial is packed with lessons for anyone looking to push their creativity within Substance Designer.

Whether you are new to Substance Designer, or a seasoned user, the lessons from this tutorial will give you a great understanding of the core principles of SD, as well as equipping you with skills and knowledge to tackle large scale terrain/city projects like this.

About the Instructor

Jan Trubač is a VFX artist from the Czech Republic. Most famous for winning the Substance Insanity award 2019 with his incredible City project.  

Jan specializes in texture and material creation, and has a background in Computer Graphics and Image processing. He has a passion for real-time graphics/VR, procedural tools and non-destructive workflows. Check out his ArtStation for more inspirational pieces (


  • More than 10 hours of training
  • 1080 Resolution


  • Creating the Base Forest
  • Walls and Towers
  • Building walls and Outer terrain
  • Inner City
  • Forest Features
  • Finishing Touches

Software Used

  • Substance Designer


Beginner to Intermediate


Basic knowledge of software used


Personal, Small Business, and Studio/Educational Licenses are available. Personal licenses do NOT apply to companies or organizations. Sharing, streaming, and redistribution to third-party is strictly prohibited.

*Digital products are non-refundable

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Building a Medieval City | Jan Trubač

9 ratings
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