Creating Stylized Textures for Games | Ishmael Hoover

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In this tutorial, the multi-talented concept and texture artist Ishmael Hoover collaborates with Levelup.Digital to share his workflow in creating stylized hand-painted textures for games.

With the increasing popularity of stylized art, it's important to understand the concepts behind it - what makes it good and what mistakes to avoid.

In this fully narrated, step-by-step tutorial, Ishmael explains how to approach stylization, what to think about, how to break down reference, and shares his texture painting process in Photoshop. Watch him create and draw three different example textures using the techniques covered in his lesson.

About the Instructor

Ishmael is a concept and texture artist based in Irvine, California. He graduated from San Jose State's Animation Illustration program in 2012. He has since been working in the video game industry. His day-to-day schedule involves a lot of Photoshop, 3ds Max, and 3DCoat. He is passionate about history, mythology, archaeology, and fossils. His personal art sometimes reflects these interests. 


- 6 hours narrated, step-by-step video tutorial

- 1080 Resolution


  • Stylization
  • Previz
  • Painting - Line
  • Painting - Value
  • Painting - Color
  • Additional Textures
  • Presentation

Software Used

- Photoshop




Familiar with software used


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Creating Stylized Textures for Games | Ishmael Hoover

25 ratings
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