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Creating a Stylized Sword | Sabrina Echouafni

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In this tutorial, 3D Environment Artist working on the next God of War, Sabrina Echouafni takes you through her workflow for creating a stylized sword from concept to presentation. 

Follow along as Sabrina demonstrates her blockout process in Maya, and explains her techniques for sculpting stylized assets in ZBrush. Included in this tutorial, are some useful brushes that Sabrina uses. After sculpting, Sabrina will take you through her low poly process, baking, and creating the textures in Painter. Lastly she shows you how to create the presentation in Unreal Engine. 

In this tutorial, you'll gain insight into the thought process of an industry pro when it comes to creating stylized assets, as well as understand how to breakdown those methods and apply them to your next project. Included is the Substance Painter project file to follow along with the texturing step.

Check out the sword concept from Moniek Schilder (

About the Instructor

Sabrina Echouafni is a 3D Environment Artist at Valkyrie Entertainment, currently working on the next God of War. Her past experience includes working with Warner Bros Animation, as well as Insomniac. She shares her workflow and thought processes, as well as offers mentorships to new artists and students through her twitter @SEchouafni.


  • 14 hours of training
  • 1080 Resolution
  • Brushes
  • .spp Painter project file


  • References
  • Proxy
  • Sculpt
  • Low Poly
  • UV
  • Texturing
  • Final Touches

Software Used

  • Maya
  • ZBrush
  • Substance Painter
  • Unreal Engine


Beginner to Intermediate


Basic knowledge of software used


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Creating a Stylized Sword | Sabrina Echouafni

9 ratings
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