Terrain Erosion in Substance Designer | Bohdan Bilous

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Substance Designer is one of the most versatile programs around today. In this tutorial, Bohdan Bilous shares his techniques for yet another Substance Designer use case - how to create realistic looking eroded terrain procedurally. Step-by-step, Bohdan walks you through the process of creating mountain shapes, erosion nodes, color maps, as well as final presentation.

For the environment artist, this tutorial has been a long time coming. Compared to using traditional terrain erosion software, the techniques you will learn in this tutorial enables you to see results almost instantly, with the added benefit of the output always being tile-able. 

Whether you're a seasoned game artist, student, or someone just starting out, pick up this tutorial and learn some essential skills and workflows that will help you work faster, more iteratively, and with greater flexibility.

About the Instructor

Bohdan is an Environment Artist working in Poland. He is passionate about art and games, and specializes in creating props, environment assets and textures for games. Substance designer is his favorite tool for creating procedural materials. He has worked on simulation projects that involve plane mechanics and cooking, as well as Evropa Universals and others.


- 3.5 hours narrated, step-by-step video tutorial

- References

- Height Preview Node

- Non-Directional Warp Node

- 1080 Resolution


  • Reference
  • Base Shape
  • Fluvial Erosion
  • Set up Nodes
  • Slope Mask
  • Flow Node
  • Creating Masks
  • Water Layer
  • Base Color
  • Creating Noise
  • Warp Input
  • Noise Input
  • Advanced Color
  • Flow Exposure
  • Finalizing Material
  • Rendering

Software Used

- Substance Designer

- Marmoset Toolbag




Familiar with software used


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Terrain Erosion in Substance Designer | Bohdan Bilous

21 ratings
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