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Epic new tutorial drop!

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We're so excited to share with you our new release. This time we're bringing you four tutorials that highlight the workflows of artists that have worked on AAA games such as God of War, For Honor, Godfall, and Halo. 

Creating a Smart Fur Material | QiYu Dai

Learn how to make a realistic customizable fur material using Substance Designer and make it into a smart material where you can then control the direction, density, and scale of the fur directly in Substance Painter. In this tutorial, Ubisoft Senior Artist Qiyu Dai takes you through his full creation process, sharing insights along the way. This tutorial is ideal for any artist looking to broaden their knowledge and skills in the full Substance pipeline.

Creating a Stone Floor using Scanned Assets | Enrico Tammekänd

Explore how to make a stone floor material using a hybrid workflow from Substance Designer expert Enrico Tammekänd. In this tutorial, you will learn his techniques to achieve realistic detail as well as getting a cohesive look when combining a procedural material with scanned assets. Follow along as Enrico first makes a stone pattern generator, then shares his techniques for cracks and surface detail, creates a realistic albedo and roughness, and finally how to distribute scanned assets to push the project even closer towards realism.

Creating a Stylized Sword | Sabrina Echouafni

In this tutorial, 3D Environment Artist working on the next God of War, Sabrina Echouafni takes you through her workflow for creating a stylized sword from working of a concept all the way to full presentation in Unreal. Gain insight into the thought process of an industry pro when it comes to creating stylized assets, as well as understand how to breakdown those methods. Included in this tutorial are some useful brushes that Sabrina uses, as well as the Substance Painter project file to follow along with the texturing step.

Substance Designer Dome of Cologne | Carlos Perfume

In this tutorial, you will learn step-by-step how to make intricate gothic architecture in Substance Designer. Follow along as Carlos Perfume recreates part of the famous Dome of Cologne and pushes the limits of the software with this highly detailed and realistic project. This tutorial is packed with lessons which can be applied to your next environment project.

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