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New Tutorial - 50% off Black Friday

Hey there!

We're thrilled to be jumping into Black Friday with an incredible new tutorial from material artist Roman Lemaire, who's worked with clients such as Lacoste, Decathlon, and Dekogon.

Feather Creation | Romain Lemaire

Get ready to be inspired as material artist Roman Lemaire takes you through his workflow for creating a photorealistic feather material in Substance Designer. In this tutorial, Romain will demonstrate how to create the colorful Scarlet Macaw feather from start to finish. Follow along to learn Romain's tips for how to capture the details of an individual feather, as well as how to make a generator to scatter the feathers for creating the layout. Finally, tackle the color and maps to complete the material.

Use code BLACKFRIDAY21 to get 50% off this tutorial, as well as all the other tutorials from now until Dec. 5

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Epic new tutorial drop!

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